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7 Vines grape vodka from Abrau-Durso is a novelty of the author's line "7"

Abrau-Durso Group, an expert in working with grapes, continues to expand its hard liquors portfolio and presents a new product in the line, familiar to many by the number 7 on the label - 7 Vines grape vodka. The original novelty is created in the winemaker's vodka concept and represents a special view of the wine world experts on the hard liquors category. The alcohol for 7 Vines vodka is produced based on wine, the unique blend of which was made up of seven white international and autochthonous grape varieties.

The Abrau-Durso Group continues to develop its own portfolio of high proof drinks Abrau Spirits, which includes a colorful line “7”. The first in the collection was a bitter tincture, followed by a classic gin and a special vodka that included flavored spirits from cereals. In the line “7”, the company presents creative ideas embodied in the formulations of spirits combined with superior quality. 7 Vines was created by the winemaking world experts and demonstrates a unique approach to creating distillates based on grapes.

Grape vodka is a special category, different from the chacha or grappa with which it is often associated. Grappa and chacha are made from a secondary product of wine preparation, remaining after pressing the grape must. Grape vodka, in contrast, is created using alcohol derived from finished wine.

7 Vines was based on the winemaker's vodka concept - the process of creating a unique grape vodka with a multifaceted flavor was inspired by the long experience of Abrau-Durso winemakers, their vision and skill. To create 7 Vines vodka, Abrau-Durso experts selected seven white international and autochthonous grape varieties capable of creating an ideal composition of taste and aromatics: Vermentino, Muscat, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, as well as Rkatsiteli and Bayanshira. The alcohols made from each of them made up a unique blend of vodka. The 7 Vines original aroma is dominated by notes of ripe fruits and white flowers, and the harmonious and soft taste combines the tones of grapes with a pleasant and multifaceted berry aftertaste.

"As wine experts, we strive to comprehensively understand the grape properties and use them to develop products in categories ranging from non-alcoholic drinks to spirits. The market offers vinonades, grape water and cognacs from Abrau-Durso. Grape vodka is a natural continuation of our grape history. 7 Vines is a winemaker's view of what a strong alcohol produced from grapes should be, while maintaining the high quality level of Abrau-Durso," comments Pavel Titov, President of the Abrau-Durso Group.

The balanced taste of 7 Vines is ideal for classic serving in pure form, at the same time the unique grape flavor of the vodka is perfectly revealed in exquisite cocktails. 7 Vines has a high potential in gastronomic combinations and will be a great addition to Russian cuisine. 

The novelty is designed in the 7 Vines style with a diamond-shaped label decorated with grapevines and ripe berries.

The novelty is already available in the Wine Atelier branded boutiques in Moscow at the price of 617 rubles for a bottle of 0.5 liters and 770 rubles for a bottle of 0.7 liters. Soon, the new product will appear in the leading federal retail chains.