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A vibrant Cuban-style party: a presentation of Danza del Fuego rum in Moscow

On April 25, the presentation of the original Cuban rum Danza del Fuego, a novelty in the Abrau Spirits strong drinks line from Abrau-Durso, took place in the Kotelnaya cocktail bar in Moscow. Danza del Fuego white rum is produced jointly with the Cuban state company Corporación Cuba Ron S.A. and was the first-of-its-kind project in Russia. Special guests of the event were Julio Antonio Garmendia Peña, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cuba to Russia, and Pavel Titov, President of the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies.

Guests of the party "In the Rhythm of Danza del Fuego" were able to appreciate the taste of original Cuban rum from Abrau-Durso in the relaxed atmosphere of a Havana festival. The musicians of Gabriel Linares Show Latino band were responsible for the immersion into the world of lively dances. The Latin American rhythms of the Cuban band transported the guests to the atmosphere of the Island of Freedom.

The name of the Danza del Fuego rum means "dance of fire" in Spanish. The passionate Cuban character of the drink is conveyed not only in the original flavour, but also in the design of the bottle, which is decorated with an image of a girl dancing the Cuban national dance habanera, whose skirt resembles flames flying up to the sky.

Rum is a universal drink, and you can drink it either on its own as a digestif or as part of world-famous Cuban cocktails: daiquiri, mojito and Cuba libre. During the evening the guests could taste classic and special original cocktails invented in Havana back in the XX century: Hemingway Special with grapefruit juice, Maraschino liqueur on cherry and lime and Mary Pickford with pineapple juice, cherry brandy liqueur and pomegranate syrup. Particular attention was drawn to the spectacular Old Fashioned cocktail with a fiery serving. All cocktails are based on Danza del Fuego Blanco rum of a transparent color with golden reflections and an elegant original taste. Its aroma vividly reveals delicate notes of exotic fruits, spices and vanilla. The flavour is dominated by fruity, spicy tones with distinctive sugar cane notes in the aftertaste.

Danza del Fuego became the first project in Russia to produce Cuban rum in collaboration with the key producer and the main guardian of traditional technologies - the state company Corporación Cuba Ron S.A., where rum is made by the best Cuban masters of distillation and blending. Corporación Cuba Ron has several production sites in Cuba, including one of the oldest operating distilleries in the country, Ronera Cárdenas, founded in 1878.

The tradition of rum production is a national treasure of Cuba. It is under strict control of the Cuban government. The excellent quality of the rum is confirmed by the green stamp on each bottle. A special mark guarantees that the drink is made according to the technology and traditions of rum production. Danza del Fuego rum from Abrau-Durso also received it.

First-class distillates for rum are delivered to Russia directly from Cuba, where the main stages of Danza del Fuego creation take place: fermentation of sugar cane molasses, distillation and blending of young and old spirits for the future rum. The rum owes its rich aromatics to its 12-month aging in barrels. 

The final stage of rum creation takes place in Russia, at the Abrau-Durso Group enterprises, where high quality distillate from Cuba is diluted with purified water to the required 40% degrees. Then it is filtered and bottled under the strict supervision of Cuba Ron S.A. specialists, who accompany all stages of bottling the drink in Russia.