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Abrau Club – aesthetics and design as a lifestyle in a new boutique on Petrovka Street in Moscow

The Abrau-Durso Group presented a unique lifestyle project—the Abrau Club. The Abrau Club flagship boutique is located in the center of Moscow at 15 Petrovka Street.

For many years, Abrau-Durso has been setting high standards in everything—from winemaking and the excellent quality of its products to recreation and lifestyle. The new project of the Abrau Club brand translates this lifestyle and embodies it in home accessories, interior items, and hobbies. Abrau Club is a special space gathering like-minded people, reflecting the recreation philosophy, Abrau-Durso atmosphere, and nature with an emphasis on naturalness, high quality, and comfort.

The main source of inspiration for the creation and design of the boutique was the picturesque landscape around Lake Abrau. The Abrau Club interior is dominated by quiet and natural colors, and details emphasize the area’s beauty and atmosphere: the Krasnodar herbs bouquet aroma fills the space with a refined tone, and the silhouette of the central chandelier resembles the lake outlines.

The Abrau Club boutique offers interior items and decorative accessories. The Abrau Club’s collections, based on textiles, tableware, and home goods, are combined with exclusive collaborations and products from partner brands that are close in spirit and aesthetics. Among the latest are Sugarpine ceramics, Pattisoncha organic cosmetics, UNIKA MØBLÄR designer furniture, PolButylki eco-friendly project, and others.

Collaborations are an important part of the Abrau Club concept and one of the key areas of the project’s development. Thus, especially for the launch of Abrau Club, The Dar Store created author’s festive New Year napkins and coasters with the finest embroidery, Lelin workshop—handmade linen textiles, Sleep area—bed linen made of sateen and eucalyptus, Radical Chic—shawls, winter kerchiefs, backpacks, and cosmetic bags decorated with original prints, and Hatfield brand—English tweed caps of various colors.

The Abrau Club space includes not only a boutique but also a café. Here you can sit comfortably in cozy armchairs, spend time working or meeting with friends, or pop in for a glass of sparkling wine before a visit to the theatre. GT Group’s authentic Valiko bakery makes flavourful pastries and author’s desserts.

Maria Titova, owner of the clothing brand Cocos Moscow, idea inspirer, and founder of Abrau Club, comments:

Abrau-Durso has launched many successful projects around which a circle of like-minded people who share the Abrau-style philosophy of life has already formed. We wanted to bring them together and create a new point of attraction for everyone who appreciates impeccable quality, high level of comfort and naturalness. This place became Abrau Club—a unique space where you can not only buy home accessories but also spend time with friends and plunge into the atmosphere of unity with nature”.

Another important component of Abrau Club is the formation of the brand friends club. Creating a certain philosophy of recreation and lifestyle, Abrau Club unites people who share the same values, which are based on self-development, the desire to learn undiscovered details of the surrounding world, culture, and nature, and the ability to enjoy the moment and get pleasure from life. Members will be invited to private events and exclusive trips, and they will be offered butler services, personalized service, and special prices at the Abrau-Durso resort. The club’s first members will be friends and partners of the project, further membership in the club will be paid.

The Abrau Club boutique will officially open its doors on December 9.


Director for Communications and Public Relations of the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies

Olga Firstova

+7 (926) 904-97-54, +7 (495) 933-33-33