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Abrau-Durso Group released the first Cuban rum

Abrau-Durso Group presents a novelty in its Abrau Spirits hard liquors portfolio - original Cuban rum Danza del Fuego. This is the first Cuban rum production project in Russia authorized by the state-owned corporation Cuba Ron S.A.

Abrau-Durso Group signed a cooperation agreement with the most famous Cuban rum producer - the state-owned company Corporación Cuba Ron S.A. Corporación Cuba Ron has several production sites in Cuba, including one of the oldest operating distilleries in the country, Ronera Cárdenas, founded in 1878. Among the employees of the company are the best masters of distillation and blending.

The tradition of rum production is a national treasure of Cuba. It's under strict control of the republic government, which is confirmed by a special green quality mark affixed to each bottle. It is this mark, which guarantees the originality of the rum and its authenticity, that, after the necessary certification, was allowed to be applied to the Danza del Fuego rum from Abrau-Durso. Each batch of Danza del Fuego is produced under the personal supervision of Cuban specialists who accompany all stages of bottling. This approach allows us to offer Russian consumers high quality rum of original quality.

The ambitious project to create a new brand Danza del Fuego has no analogues in Russia. Abrau-Durso Group supplies Russia with high quality rum distillates in bulk from Cuba, a country that is the most important both in terms of the rum culture history and its position in the modern world industry. A major part of the Danza del Fuego production process is centered in Cuba. Fermentation of sugarcane molasses, distillation, aging in oak barrels, and blending of young and old spirits take place here. Further, repeated aging occurs in barrels for 12 months, which makes the aroma of the drink even richer and more multifaceted. The final stage of rum creation - dilution of the distillate arrived from Cuba with purified water to the required 40%, filtration and bottling - takes place in Russia, at the enterprise of the Abrau-Durso Group.

The name of the rum Danza del Fuego can be translated from Spanish as "dance of fire", which fully reflects its passionate Cuban character. The emotional name is emphasized by the bottle design: the label is decorated with a silhouette of a girl dancing a passionate national dance - habanera, her skirt resembles flames flying up to the sky.

"For us, the opportunity to work with the world's recognized rum masters is a great honor and a sign of the highest trust. We are grateful to our partners for the opportunity to become the first company to produce real Cuban rum at its production site in Russia," commented Pavel Titov, President of the Abrau-Durso Group.

Danza del Fuego is a classic Cuban rum, elegant and versatile in style. Fine and delicate tones of exotic fruits, spices, and light shades of vanilla prevail among the aromas. The balanced flavor is dominated by fruity, spicy notes, with refreshing sugar cane sweetness in the aftertaste. Danza del Fuego is the perfect base for the most famous cocktails such as daiquiris, mojitos and cuba libre. Rum can also be served as a digestif in its purest form.

Danza del Fuego rum is already on sale in Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier brand stores, and will soon appear in federal retail chains. The cost at the Wine Atelier in Moscow is 1,499 rubles per 0.7 l bottle.

Additional information:

Manufacturer: Ronera Cárdenas (Cuba Ron S.A.) / Loza Plant (part of Abrau-Durso Group).
Volume in liters: 0.7 liters.
Alcohol by volume: 40%.
White rum is clear in color with a slight golden glow. Its aging takes place in barrels for 12 months, which makes the aroma of the drink even richer and more multifaceted. It has a subtle and delicate aroma of vanilla, exotic fruits and tropical flowers. The flavor is dominated by fruity, spicy notes and balanced sugar cane sweetness.