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Abrau-Durso expands its presence in the strong drinks category and presents a new product - 7 Herbs Gin created using local herbal ingredients. In Russia, the market of strong alcoholic beverages shows stable growth. One of the market drivers is the gin category, which demonstrated a record increase in sales in 2021.

7 Herbs Gin is created from local plants and traditional for the category ingredients — botanicals collected in the rich natural territory of Krasnodar Krai, in Abrau-Durso. The basis of the gin recipe was made up of seven core plant components, but not only of them: juniper, lavender, eucalyptus, kaffir lime leaves, sage, rosemary and mint.

7 Herbs Gin is produced using the traditional method of evaporation: botanicals are placed in a gin basket, which is suspended in the upper part of a still of 300 liters. During the distillation process, alcohol vapors pass through the plant ingredients, whereby they are saturated with a delicate aroma and taste. Gin is produced on the basis of high-quality grain alcohol with wheat dominant. All the processes of raw material preparation are performed manually. The evaporation technology allows conveying the subtle features of the aroma and taste of each ingredient and preserve the drink softness. After distillation, the first and third fractions, the so-called "heads" and "tails", are cut off - only the best middle fraction, the "heart", with a strength of 80%, goes into work. At the final stage, it is diluted with spring water up to 43% and subjected to double filtration ensuring high quality and purity of the gin.

The aroma of 7 Herbs Gin reveals notes of juniper, orange, lime and bergamot. Shades of cardamom, cedar and rosemary add versatility and depth. The taste is dominated by spicy and citrus shades, as well as tones of freshly baked black bread. The gin has a noble, soft, delicate taste with a long dry finish. The gin is universal: it can be used both in its pure form with ice, and as part of classic and signature cocktails.

“One of the Abrau-Durso natural features is a rich flora, the unique samples of which became the basis of the 7 Herbs recipe. The central component of gin — juniper — is represented in the Abrau-Durso forest zone even by several varieties. 7 Herbs Gin has an expressive citrus aroma, which distinguishes it from the strict genre representatives. Thanks to the seven plant components selected on the territory of Abrau-Durso and its environs, we got the gin with a unique character that accurately reflects its place of origin,” says Pavel Ivanov, the author of the 7 Herbs Gin, Chief Sommelier of Abrau-Durso.

The 7 Herbs Gin style is also conveyed by the bright design of the bottle, emphasizing the wealth of wildlife of Krasnodar Krai. The texture label is made in a noble emerald color, reminiscent of a wide palette of herbal ingredients in the composition.

The first batch was 5,000 bottles; each was given an individual number. 7 Herbs Gin can already be purchased at the Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier brand stores and at federal retailers. The cost of 7 Herbs Gin at the Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier in Moscow is 617 rubles.

Additional information:

7 Herbs Russian Gin:

Ingredients: juniper, lavender, eucalyptus, kaffir lime leaves, sage, rosemary and mint, lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon peel, orange and lime peel, black pepper, fennel, cloves, star anise, cardamom, tea, cinnamon, calendula, violet root, white pepper, nutmeg.

Strength: 43%

Number of bottles: 5.000

Volume: 0.5 l.

The so-called Plymouth Technology is used