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Abrau-Durso Russian wine house presents novelties in the Abrau Estates collection: wines from unique grape varieties of the Russian selection - Amursky Potapenko and Dostoyny. The new still wines of Abrau Estates were created at the Yubileinaya winery; these are the first wines of the farm since its acquisition in 2020 by the Abrau-Durso Group. The novelties of the collection promise to be an interesting discovery both for lovers of traditions and for those who follow the bright trends in winemaking.

Amursky Potapenko and Dostoyny, the first wines created by Abrau-Durso at the Yubileinaya winery, demonstrate the sincere interest of the Russian wine house in domestic varieties and modern styles. Abrau Estates. Yubileinaya Winery represents a bright union of domestic traditions and the latest trends in winemaking. New wines are the result of the work of winegrowers and winemakers: varieties that grow today only in the Yubileinaya vineyards require a special approach. Modern technological solutions have enabled to maximize unusual varietal characteristics in wines: notes of jam, blackthorn and nightshade in Dostoyny, and intriguing and atypical for red wine nuances of flowers and herbs in Amursky Potapenko.

Pavel Titov, President of the Abrau-Durso Group: “Since the purchase of the Yubileinaya winery, we have been inspired by the unique varieties that grow here, because it is the wines made from them that have brought fame to this place. Dostoyny and Amursky Potapenko in the Abrau Estates collection are the first wines created by us at the Yubileinaya winery, they reflect the desire inherent in Abrau-Durso to develop and look for something new. This creative union enabled to support the best practices of the winery and present authentic, vibrant wines to the consumer. I think that they will be of particular interest to those who are looking for new experience and originality in wine.”

The Yubileinaya vineyards belong to the Kuban, Taman Peninsula Protected Geographical Indication and best convey the features of their terroir, formed by the influence of warm sea monsoons. The specific composition and structure of the soils have a distinctive feature: proximity to a local attraction, mud volcanoes, saturate the soil with minerals and give unique features to the grape taste and aroma. The Dostoyny variety was bred at the Anapa Zonal Experimental Station of Viticulture and Winemaking (ZECVW) in the 80s of the last century. Dostoyny is the result of crossing the Phylloxera—Resistant Dzhemete and Muscat Gamburgsky varieties - it was obtained in the 90s of the XX century as a result of work on varieties resistant to phylloxera. A special role in this process was assigned to the parent variety Phylloxera—Resistant Dzhemete, a unique development of the Anapa Zonal Experimental Station of Viticulture and Winemaking. In the process of its further crossing, 16 technical varieties were bred, including Dostoyny, which showed the best results. One of its varietal features is the late harvest time, which makes it possible to obtain the berries of the maximum maturity, the best guarantee for creating really bright wines. So, in 2017, Dostoyny Classic became the best Russian red wine by results of the RUWW Cup.

In the Abrau Estates collection, the Dostoyny variety is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. Harvest for the wine was collected from own-rooted vines of 22 years of age. The wine was aged in oak barrels of the second and third passage for 6 months, the release amounted to 50,000 bottles. Its juiced bouquet is dominated by tones of jam from red berries, primarily plums, dogwood and blackthorn, they are replaced by shades of morocco and nightshade. The flavor is also revealed in an appetizing berry style, complemented by spicy notes at the finish. The storage potential of wine in a bottle is at least five years.

Amursky Potapenko is an interspecific hybrid obtained by crossing varieties belonging to different groups: Vitis vinifera (European-Asian group) and Vitis amurensis (East-Asian group), it has no analogues in the world. The variety was bred from wild Amur grapes growing in the Far East (and later modified by the meticulous work of Soviet breeders). The variety got its name in honor of the creator - an outstanding breeder and researcher Alexander Ivanovich Potapenko. Amursky Potapenko is characterized by frost resistance, its vines are able to tolerate temperatures below -30°C. Another important quality of the variety is resistance to fungal diseases. The Amursky Potapenko plantings belonging to Yubileinaya are in excellent condition: to create the wine, we used a harvest from vines aged at least 20 years. Vinification took place in neutral containers, as well as a three-month aging. The number of bottles amounted to 20,000.

A characteristic feature of the Amursky Potapenko organoleptics is bright floral notes. Winemakers working on Abrau Estates have found a special approach to a complex variety. Long fermentation at low temperatures made it possible to detail the aromatic shades, make the wine more complex, show not only the typical notes of peony and violet, but also the tones of ripe berries - blackcurrant, blackberry, and mulberry. The taste is distinguished by fresh acidity and balanced tannin content, aftertaste has refreshing spicy shades.

Novelties of the Yubileinaya Winery Abrau Estates collection is already represented in the branded stores of the Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier chain in Moscow. Retail price of Abrau Estates. Amursky Potapenko is 599 rubles, Abrau Estates. Dostoyny is 499 rubles.

Additional information:

Russian wine with the Taman Peninsula Protected Geographical Indication dry red Abrau Estates.Yubileinaya Winery.Dostoyny
Harvest year: 2021.
Varieties: Dostoyny, Cabernet Sauvignon.
Aging: 6 months in an oak barrel.
Alcohol: 11.6%.
Number of bottles: 50,000

A bright wine of rich ruby color. The harmonious aromatics are dominated by intense jam notes of red berries, cherries, dogwood and blackthorn with a subtle smoky note. The taste of wine is bright, voluminous with berry freshness, subtle acidity and velvety tannins.

Russian wine with the Taman Peninsula Protected Geographical Indication, dry red Abrau Estates. Yubileinaya Winery. Amursky Potapenko
Harvest year: 2021.
Variety: Amursky Potapenko 100%
Aging: without aging in oak to preserve floral aromatics.
Alcohol: 10.4%.
Number of bottles: 20,000

The wine of deep carmine color with a purple hint. The aromatics are dominated by floral notes of peonies and violets with tones of black berries and mulberry with a spicy note. The rich taste contains notes of juicy blue plum, cherry and black currant. The aftertaste is rich and harmonious with bright tannins.