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Chief Experience Officer — a new position in the Abrau-Durso Group

On February 28, the Abrau-Durso Group, a Russian leading producer of sparkling and still wines, announced a new position in its internal structure - Chief Experience Officer. It will be Anton Tupikov.

Previously, Anton Tupikov held the position of Chief Creative Officer of the Abrau-Durso Group. With his direct participation the latest notable projects of the brand were developed: the concept of author's spirits "7", color-changing gin Chameleon, the Abrau Club community of like-minded people. Anton Tupikov's large-scale projects also include the current communication strategy to develop the Vino.ru online platform, the first marketplace for Russian wines. The main areas of focus for the Chief Experience Officer will be the analysis and development of the customer's experience within the experience economy.

Today, in many industries, it’s no longer enough to produce a quality product and get the consumer's attention. It’s possible to retain the audience and its loyalty only when the experience of communicating with the brand creates an impression that one wants to experience again. Therefore, qualitatively improving the consumer's emotions within the brand contact becomes one of the most important tasks for businesses. An executive in the position of Chief Experience Officer shortens the distance between the company and the customer, optimizes products according to audience demands, thereby increasing satisfaction and strengthening the emotional connection. The Abrau-Durso resort will be one of the first areas of the Group's activity where current practices will be applied. Soon, the guests of the Tourism Center will be able to evaluate new programs and routes developed according to the principles of the experience economy.

"Abrau-Durso is known to millions of Russians for its wines and approach to high quality products. Today, the Group represents many other business areas — the tourist cluster and the 1870 Abrau-Durso restaurant chain are developing, its own distribution network and, of course, the product portfolio are growing. An important challenge on the way to scale a business is to dialog with audiences and customers, and to strengthen existing consumer connections to the brand. The emergence of the Chief Experience Officer position is a natural step towards improving the experience of our customers, and first of all tourists, who will be even more pleased to return to Abrau-Durso for new impressions," commented Pavel Titov, President of the Abrau-Durso Group.

The new direction in the Abrau-Durso Group will implement a systematic and multi-level approach to the development of creative and communication solutions. Anton Tupikov, who has extensive experience in the industry, was previously a creative producer of Moscow Media Holding, which combines urban media with leading positions in entertainment and information media. During his work in television and advertising, Anton has been a multiple winner of international creativity and media festivals. The projects created under his leadership became winners of the prestigious TEFFI award and the world's leading media wrote about his work.

"The task of modern communication is not to sell. Its task is to create relationships between people and brands. And the more correctly the process of designing the right impressions is built at different stages of interaction, the more sincere, stronger and more effective this connection will be. We have an exciting structured work ahead, which will result in ideas and solutions that give impressions to our consumers and team," commented Anton Tupikov, Chief Experience Officer of the Abrau-Durso Group.