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New Year's Novelty — Sparkling Wine Brut d'Or Riesling from Abrau-Durso

Abrau-Durso Russian wine house proudly presents a new wine in the collection of monosort sparkling wines - Brut d'Or Riesling. Gastronomic wine made from 100% white Riesling grapes will be a great opening of the New Year holidays. Modern and multifaceted, it demonstrates all the brightness of the Riesling variety grown in the Abrau-Durso terroir - the "king in the world of white wines".

Historically, champagnes and sparkling wines were created from an assemblage of different grape varieties, each of which added its own characteristics to the wine flavor. However, as European winemakers got to know their terroirs, they began to experiment with monosepage wines, showing the uniqueness of one grape variety grown in a particular place. This is the Brut d’Or collection, which demonstrates both varietal characteristics and the versatility of the Abrau-Durso terroir.

The debut of the Brut d'Or collection from the Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House took place in 2015, when sparkling wine Blanc de Blancs (fr. "white on white") from Chardonnay grapes was first introduced. In 2020, the elegant Blanc de Noirs (fr. "white on red") made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes appeared in the range. The last to be presented was the exquisite pink sparkling wine Brut d’Or Rose, also from the Pinot Noir variety. The Brut d'Or collection represents monosepage sparkling wines made from classic European grape varieties, each of which is the key one for Abrau-Durso.

Classic European varieties began to be grown in the Abrau-Durso terroir at the end of the 19th century, including one of the most popular white grape varieties in the world, Riesling. Grape vines of this variety were among the first to appear in Abrau-Durso. Brut D'Or Riesling demonstrates a modern and creative interpretation of the Riesling features in sparkling wines and emphasizes the Abrau-Durso innovative spirit.

The new wine Brut d’Or Riesling is made from Riesling grapes of the 2020 vintage. The Brut d'Or collection uses selected grapes harvested in the best areas of the Abrau-Durso vineyards. For production, we use only cuvée with delicate pressing, that is, the grape juice of the very first pressing - the brightest and most fragrant. This approach combines both varietal character and subtlety to create the confident structure that the collection's wines will need when aged on lees for up to 36 months.

At first glance, Brut d'Or Riesling draws attention with its white gold color and emerald reflections, its enduring mousse and subtle play of small bubbles create a festive mood. The wine flavor is filled with fresh and juicy notes of citrus fruits, pears, green apples and white flowers. 22 months of aging on the lees also complemented the exquisite aromatics with hints of croissants and brioches. The airy taste is combined with a stable structure thanks to the acidity characteristic of Riesling, balanced by ripe notes of apples, duchesse pears and yellow plums. A long aftertaste with a brackish tinge echoes the mineral tones of the bouquet and reflects the terroir.

The bright design of Brut d’Or Riesling is made in the collection recognizable style, the new grape variety is reflected in a rich green shade with a lime undertone - a symbol of the ringing acidity of Riesling, refreshing aromas of green apple and spring flowers. Brut d'Or Riesling is produced in a limited edition of 24,000 bottles and is exclusively presented in the Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier branded stores and in the best restaurants of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The retail price of the novelty is 1,740 rubles.

Additional information:

Russian sparkling wine with protected geographical indication "Kuban" aged brut white "Abrau-Durso Brut d'Or Riesling":

Harvest: 2020.
Composition: 100% Riesling.
Alcohol: 12%.
Sample exposure: 22 months in the Abrau-Durso mountain tunnels.

Sparkling wine of light straw color with a greenish tinge, with an elegant fine perlage and a stable mousse. The aroma is dominated by notes of citrus, white flowers, pears and green apples. The taste is distinguished by a fine texture, balanced gastronomic acidity and a long, salty-mineral aftertaste, in which the marine terroir is clearly manifested.