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For the first time, the well-known winery of the Don Valley, which is part of Abrau-Durso Group, presents pet-nat and refers to a segment that symbolizes the atmosphere of youth, lightness and freedom from the conventions of the "big" wine culture.

Pét-Nat (Pétillant Naturel) is translated from French as "natural sparkling". In terms of chronology, this style of wine is the prototype of all sparkling wines, as they were before fermentation was divided into two successive processes in the 19th century. For pet-nat, unlike other sparkling wines, there is only one stage of fermentation: the wine is bottled with a high content of residual sugar, and then the process continues in the bottle with the formation of CO2 and yeast sediment. This method of production is called Method Ancestrale. Its revival is associated with radical changes in modern wine consumption, a marker for which has become an interest in a variety of historical techniques - many world progressive winemakers consider them more natural and more accurately conveying the terroir spirit. Pet-nats today are a bright and bold image; they conquer novice wine lovers and intrigue traditionalists and aesthetes.

Vedernikov Winery is the flagship of Russian winemaking in the production of wines from autochthonous grape varieties. The new pet-nat is a monosepage wine created from the unique primordial Don variety "Tsimlyansky black", whose important features are plasticity and multifaceted freshness. Both still and sparkling pink wines from the Tsimlyansky black grape variety have interesting bright berry tones in the aroma and light freshness in the taste. For the production of wine, only the harvest from the farm's own vineyards is used. Therefore, the Vedernikov Winery pet-nat is a wine with a protected geographical indication "Don Valley". The land plot area where the Tsimlyansky black variety is cultivated is about 40 hectares.

"The Vedernikov Winery pet-nat is a living, modern, and in many ways ambitious project. Previously, Vedernikov Winery presented to the public still and sparkling pink wines made from the autochthonous Tsimlyansky black grape variety. The new pet-nat is an actual and very interesting rendition of this variety properties. It turned out even brighter, even more interesting, even fresher!” - comments on the new product Maxim Troychuk, Head of Vedernikov Winery.

After a cycle of alcoholic fermentation, the wine is aged on the lees in the same bottle in which it goes on sale. Bright pet-nat is produced without fining and filtration. During the production process, remuage and disgorging are performed. The color is rich pink with raspberry shades, the play of small elegant bubbles is distinguished by its intensity without sediment and turbidity typical of the category. The bouquet abounds with juicy, seductive tones of red berries and barberry. Fresh, light and balanced taste with hints of fruit and cornel. This wine remains in the memory like light and pleasant summer reminiscences.

The ancestrale method involves a lot of manual labor, and the Vedernikov Winery pet-nat is in line with this principle. The first run of the 2020 experimental pet-nat is limited to 1,500 bottles. The Vedernikov Winery pet-nat is already presented in restaurants of the Abrau-Durso resort at a cost of 1990 rubles, and will soon appear in leading restaurants of Moscow.

Additional information:

Vedernikov Winery Pet-Nat sparkling wine with the protected geographical indication "Don Valley"

Harvest of 2020

Composition: 100% Tsimlyansky Black

Alcohol content: 10.5–13%.

Number of bottles: 1500

Wine is of deep pink color with raspberry reflection. Clean, transparent without sediment or turbidity. The wine aroma is harmonious, filled with bright notes of fresh fruits, red berries and barberry. The wine taste is refreshing and well balanced. Berry notes in the taste are complemented by barberry and cornel notes. The aftertaste is juicy and long lasting with berry shades.

About the winery:

Vedernikov Winery is the flagship of Russian winemaking in the production of wines from autochthonous grape varieties. The farm is located in Rostov Oblast, on the right bank of the Don River, in the Vedernikovskaya village, where the first documentary mention of winegrowing and winemaking dates back to 1756. In 2015, Vedernikov Winery became part of Abrau-Durso Group. Wines from the Vedernikov Winery collection have won numerous awards from professional competitions, including IWC, IWSC, Decanter and Mundus Vini. The red dry wine, Krasnostop Zolotovsky, aged in oak barrels, is one of the most titled wines in Russia.