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The famous Riesling in Abrau-Durso celebrates its 150th anniversary

Riesling is the very first grape variety planted in Abrau-Durso 150 years ago. In honor of the anniversary of the famous variety and the appearance of the first vineyard, Abrau-Durso presents a limited edition of one of the most exquisite examples of the still wines collection. The 2022 Abrau-Durso Riesling aged in oak has become a symbol of 150-year winemaking traditions on the shores of the emerald Lake Abrau.

The Abrau-Durso estate was founded in 1870 by the decree of Emperor Alexander II. In 1871 the first agronomist and winegrower of the Black Sea district Fedor Ivanovich Geiduk suggested that the nature of Abrau-Durso was ideal for winemaking and bought the first vines of the Riesling Rhine variety in Bavaria. The result was not long in coming: already in December 1873, a site for the very first vineyard appeared, where 8,000 baby vines were soon planted, which became the beginning of the 150-year history of Abrau-Durso winemaking. The first wines created on the shores of Lake Abrau were still wines made from Riesling grapes - one of the turning points in the Abrau-Durso history, which determined its fate as one of the most famous domestic wine regions. After 150 years, Abrau-Durso presents a limited edition of Abrau-Durso Riesling still wine.

Today, the “king” of white grape varieties, Riesling, continues to be one of the most important for Abrau-Durso. The winery’s calling card - this particular variety reflects all the characteristics of the unique terroir, has high aging potential, and is characterized by a particular elegance, which it displays in both still and sparkling wines.

The classic European grape variety Riesling has been an important and integral part of the Abrau-Durso style for 150 years. The unique characteristics of the variety - good acidity and fruity nuances of aromatics combined with the famous minerality of the terroir - allow us to create elegant wines with a special character. The first Riesling vines appeared in Abrau-Durso 150 years ago, and today we continue to explore its potential by presenting still wines of excellent quality,” comments Georges Blanc, Director of Winemaking at the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies.

In 2018, paying tribute to the traditions of the very first years of its history, Abrau-Durso introduced the first premium collection of still wines of Protected Designation of Origin. Today, in honor of the anniversary of the famous variety, the company has created a new limited edition of Abrau-Durso Riesling in a special festive design. The excellent quality grapes were hand-picked from selected historical plots of the Abrau-Durso terroir when each berry reached optimum maturity. The hot and dry summer of 2022 allowed us to achieve an ideal balance of sugar and acidity in the berries. Fermentation and aging took place partly in stainless steel tanks (40%) and partly in 600-liter French oak barrels from the second and third passages (60%) over more than eight months. This solution allowed us to emphasize the floral and fruity tones of the bouquet while maintaining the subtle and elegant style of the wine.

The exquisite taste and multifaceted aroma of Abrau-Durso Riesling 2022 are formed thanks to the exceptionally careful treatment of grapes and careful control of fermentation processes. This light Riesling is filled with aromas of summer fruits and wildflowers combined with notes of candied peach and mango. The wine-balanced flavor is dominated by citrus and floral accents with bright acidity Previously, Abrau-Durso Riesling of other vintages was awarded silver prizes at such international tasting competitions as Decanter, Mundus Vini, and IWC.

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the variety’s appearance at the Abrau-Durso vineyards, the label is designed in a festive style. The coat of arms of the specific department - a double-headed eagle with exquisite gold embossing - is adjacent to the most important figures - 150 years, reflecting a century and a half of winemaking traditions and the majestic history of Abrau-Durso. The jubilee Abrau-Durso Riesling was released in a limited edition of 14,000 bottles, priced at 1,400 rubles.[1]

An exclusive vertical collection of six vintages of Abrau-Durso Riesling, from the very first 2017 harvest to 2022. This gift edition introduces the potential of the Abrau-Durso terroir and the characteristics of Abrau-Durso Riesling from different years, demonstrating its aging potential. A unique gift edition of six samples is decorated in a pine box with exquisite engraving “Abrau-Durso Riesling.” The cost of the set is 22,500 rubles.

Additional Information:

Russian wine Protected Designation of Origin Abrau-Durso aged dry white Abrau-Durso Riesling

Harvest: 2022
 Number of bottles: 14,000

Alcohol by volume: 12.5%

Acidity: 6.5 g/l.

This light straw-colored Riesling with a golden glow is full of aromas of summer fruits, and wildflowers with hints of mango combined with notes of candied peach. The refined and balanced flavor of this wine is dominated by citrus-floral accents with bright acidity and a long and soft aftertaste.


Abrau-Durso is Russia’s leading producer of sparkling and still wines. The Abrau-Durso estate was founded in 1870 by the decree of Emperor Alexander II. Abrau-Durso presents collections of wineries: Abrau-Durso, Vedernikov Winery, Loza, and others. Abrau-Durso sold more than 54.1 million bottles of alcoholic and non‑alcoholic products in 2022. Abrau-Durso is the most titled winemaking enterprise of modern Russia and the champion of the international tasting competition of sparkling and champagne wines Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships in the Rising Star nomination, in which experts mark the most promising producer of sparkling and champagne wines in the world. According to the results of the Top 100 Wines 2022 expert rating, the Russian wine house Abrau-Durso won the Winery of the Year title.


Director for Communications and Public Relations of the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies

Olga Firstova

+7 (926) 904-97-54, +7 (495) 933-33-33


[1] Price at the Abrau-Durso Wine Atelier in Moscow.