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The Heart of Abrau beats in the Abrau-Durso tunnels

A multimedia installation with the symbolic name “The Heart of Abrau” has appeared in Abrau-Durso, the largest center of wine and gastronomic tourism in Russia. The art object epitomizes the exciting energy that accompanies the creation of Abrau-Durso wines.

Making wine is a special process, it nourishes Abrau-Durso and unites every stage of creation: from vineyard care to wine aging. The art object symbolizes the truth: wine is not just a drink. It carries the energy of the place where it was created and the soul of those who worked on it. It reflects the unique terroir, the special mineral soils on which the vines grow, the gentle waters of Lake Abrau, and the mild local climate. Most importantly—hundreds of hands that lovingly care for the grapes, make wine getting inspiration from the Heart of Abrau-Durso and creating the magic that accompanies the appearance of a beautiful drink.

According to legend, one of the caretakers, while walking around the tunnels where wine was ripening in bottles, saw a pulsating glow that made its way through a crack in the stone wall. This place became a new point of the excursion route and was named the Heart of Abrau. The interactive installation created here is an image of the Heart of Abrau-Durso. Its beating fills the surrounding space with a special energy that helps to create unique wines.

The new art object was realized by the interactive digital art studio Kuflex, which previously developed the multimedia show “Az esm loza” dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Abrau-Durso. This show, as well as other installations of the studio, are presented in the Abrau Gallery of Light.

“To convey the atmosphere and create an audiovisual image of such a magical place was an exciting challenge for us. With the help of light and sound effects, we wanted to demonstrate how we see and hear the Heart of Abrau-Durso, its essence, to emphasize the attention of visitors to the vine and grape berry—as the beginning of the beginning in the creation of wine,” Igor Tatarnikov says (video artist and co-founder of Kuflex, a Russian studio of interactive digital art).

“We strive to constantly update the exhibitions and offer tourists new, vibrant experiences. We have a great museum and historical part, an interactive art gallery, the Aroma Room where you can learn all about the “wine nose,” quests, and immersive tours in the historical tunnels of Abrau-Durso. Now we are happy to present to our guests a new joint project with Kuflex Studio—an art object that has become the quintessence of Abrau-Durso’s energy and reflects the beating of its heart. Having visited this place, each of the visitors will take a piece of Abrau-Durso magic with them,”—says Irina Goncharova, Vice-President for Tourism and Special Projects of the Abrau-Durso Group of Companies.

The new art object is already open to the public on the territory of the Abrau-Durso tunnels. The heart of Abrau is included in several excursion routes of the Abrau-Durso Tourism Center.

To learn more about the Heart of Abrau and to book a tour, please visit https://visitabrau.ru/.